car making hissing noise when turned off
This is your ECU shutting off Post a public comment on this submission. Download white noise and soothing soundscapes in the convenience of hour-length MP3s - for sleeping, studying, sound masking, tinnitus and chilling out. When we think about wine in Italian history, we think of the booze-soaked bacchanalias of ancient Rome. yeah about that speakers crackling when i press in the gas pedal...i went to that site dexter and it didnt help..unless ur saying to buy that noise detection? If your engine is making a hissing sound from under the hood, ... Any noise that increases or decreases with engine rpm. Whirring buzzing noise when car is off, in garage hours after shutdown. System holds vacuum for ... Automatic Shut-Off Valve; ... What Does That Hissing Noise from My AC Mean? If you've had the car runnig for a while, turn off the car, and then turn far right knob to another setting, you'll hear a hissing sound as well. The time has come to mourn the death of yet another sporty car nameplate. A car with a leaking vacuum line will often have a rough or uneven idling. A few more... You hear a click somewhere around the radio, about 3 seconds after you turn the car off. ... system is turned off, you may hear sound coming from ... PriusChat hissing after car is turned off Discussion in 'VR - VS Holden Commodore (1993 - 1997)' started by evBenji, Jan 12, 2016. What could be the hissing sound that comes from under the car when the engine is turned off after a drive? ... making a buzzing noise. Hissing sound is a pressure valve making noise because of the decreased amount of refrigerant. A hissing noise sounds like there is pressure letting off when you turn the truck off. The cars engine speed will fluctuate up and down as the engine computer struggles to find the right mix of fuel and oxygen. My car is a 04 Chevy Malibu, its making a squealing noise at all times besides it doesnt if its at a dead stop. Guys, When I shut off my car the other night, I popped the hood (I always do this to allow heat to ecscape) and there was a loud hissing noising Hissing noise after I turn the engine off. Best Answer: If it is making it for more than a couple seconds, I think it is coming from the pressure cap. hissing noise after turning off engine. First turn off your air conditioner. If you hear a hissing noise coming from your air conditioners condenser, what should you do? Title of your comment: Your public comment about On the Warm Hood of a Car: WE COME TO YOU:Over 17,400 on site repairs since 1989(Licensed/ASE/Guaranteed Repairs)Mobile Mechanic/Auto Repair/Car Mechanics/Seattle/Bellevue/Tacoma Wondering why your AC is making that awful noise? My car is making a strange noise when i turn and hissing noise when braking - Answered by a verified Auto Mechanic When you accelerate, the car will lack power and respond slowly to pressing down on the acceleration petal. Hissing noise after shutting off car ... Hissing noise after shutting off car ... My personal opinion would be to turn off the A/C before shutting the car off. Here are 10 Car Noises to be Concerned About and what could be causing them. Whirring buzzing noise when car is off, in garage hours after shutdown. Alot of that is vacume driven and when you turn your engine off, you loose vacume and the sound you here is the pressure equilizing.